Prillwitz & Co has been manufacturing machinery and equipment for the milling, chemical, plastic and foodstuff industry since 1933.

Our company is divided into two main sectors. The ``Flour Mill´´ sector manufactures mills for milling any kind of wheat (soft wheat and hard or durum wheat), maize (corn) and other grains such as rye, chickpea, etc.

On the other hand, the ``Dry bulk materials handling´´ sector supplies all the necessary equipment for handling floury and granulated products. Among the equipment we supply for such tasks, we can mention the followings: special silos (made of Trevira fabric or stainless steel), pneumatic conveyors, sifters and classifiers of flours or grains, dosers, bagging and sealing machines, big-bag handling equipment, mixers, hammer and roller mills, dust collector systems and scales.

Both sectors have experience in manufacturing and supplying either individual machines or the whole turn key facility

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